Built in the vee of a giant tree, this three story house is the home of Lethanian and Fromoria, an old wood elf couple. It can be found East of Falsted, South off the main road, about a mile along a winding, well kept path through the forest.

Wedgewood is a place of rest and beauty. The grounds around it are well maintained, not sculpted as much as naturally idyllic. There is a large vegetable patch where most of the food is grown. A chicken coop providing fresh eggs and meat on occasion.

Wedgewood has eight rooms for guests and a large dining room that can seat ten human-sized guests. The accommodations are sparse but finely made. Each room has only a bed, wardrobe, and small writing desk and chair. Each are sturdy and ornately decorated.

The home boasts no flames or torches for lighting. Each room is lit (magically?) from indeterminable source(s). In fact most things in Wedgewood are special in some way. The wardrobes, for example, clean any garments left in them; the bath is always full, always warm, and always clean; and REDACTED.


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