Fallen Empire

Sinclair: Letter to Greyfield

Master Greyfield,

It is with some measure of concern that I send this memorandum. Matters in the west have grown dire and as a result, have drawn and require my attention and direct involvement. The situation has descended to such a state that I made to hazard a separate route to make all best possible speed to surpass the convoy you dispatched some fortnights ago.

Upon arriving in Felstead, Mr. Shaw dutifully reported to me the existence of several perils upon the highway. Not the least of which is a family of cyclopes eager to crush with impunity any weary traveler unfortunate enough to venture too close to the savages’ herd of monstrous chattel. Certainly, I don’t need to impress upon you the significance of a major trade route being blockaded by senseless abominations.

I encourage you and those of the greater merchant league to pool resources together to fund an expeditionary force to deal with this menace. Employ the seal of my house upon this letter as leverage if necessary, to sway the cooperation of the other league members. Mr. Shaw assures me that a peaceful solution can be reached, provided there is ample patience and diplomacy. For mine own part, I care not a whit with how the matter is dealt, so long as it is settled conclusively.

With any luck, this will be my only correspondence while in country. I am not at all pleased to have been brought into this issue so directly. It is unbecoming to so visibly become involved in matters such as these. I am taking great risk to my character and more importantly to my house to personally oversee this expedition of yours. I expect our future enterprises will conduct themselves much more appropriately, and indeed much more profitably.

Good day sir,




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