Chip System

We use three colors of poker chip to mange inspiration.

  • Blue Chip
    At the start of every session each player is awarded on blue chip. Players may trade in they’re blue chip to award a white chip to another player. Blue chips do not carry over—use it or lose it.
  • White Chip
    White chips represent inspiration. They can be spent to grant advantage on any d20 roll. The chip must be spent prior to the die being cast. White chips carry over from session to session.
  • Red Chip
    Red chips are earned at the start of a session if they contribute to the game since the last session. Red chips can be spent to grant a re-roll of any attack, attribute, or saving throw roll. Red chips do not carry over from session to session.

Unearthed Arcana

Most items from the Unearthed Arcana are available although seek DM’s approval before using.

Travel Pace

This is a slight modification from the travel section of the Player’s Handbook (page 182).

Speed Pace Minute Hour Day
25 ft Fast 333.3 feet 3.8 miles 30.3 miles
Normal 250.0 feet 2.8 miles 22.7 miles
Slow 166.7 feet 1.9 miles 15.2 miles
30 ft Fast 400.0 feet 4.5 miles 36.4 miles
Normal 300.0 feet 3.4 miles 27.3 miles
Slow 200.0 feet 2.3 miles 18.2 miles
40 ft Fast 533.3 feet 6.1 miles 48.5 miles
Normal 400.0 feet 4.5 miles 36.4 miles
Slow 266.7 feet 3.0 miles 24.2 miles
60 ft Fast 800.0 feet 9.1 miles 72.7 miles
Normal 600.0 feet 6.8 miles 54.5 miles
Slow 400.0 feet 4.5 miles 36.4 miles

These numbers are assuming open terrain: roads, open plains, etc. Travel on rough terrain (light wood, slight incline, etc) is at 3/4 the listed speed. On difficult terrain (dense forest, swamp, steep incline, etc) travel is at 1/2 speed. Treacherous terrain (deep swamp, craggy incline, etc) travel is at 1/4 speed.

Player Character Death

At times characters perish. When this happens the player has the option of creating a new character at the appropriate level or ask for a miracle to preserve the life of their current character. Miracles don’t come cheap and a price must be paid, usually in the form of a character disability so something else acceptable to the DM.


This supersedes the similar table on page 123 of the Player’s Handbook.

Common Languages

Language Known Dialects Script Notes
Common Eastlander, Westlander Olyrian Spoken by humans and many others.
Dwarvish Dundaaric Hill Runes / Mountain Runes Spoken by dwarves. There are two written forms of Dwarvish.
Elvish Sylassian Spoken by elves
Giant Mountain Runes Spoken by giants and ogres
Gnomish Hill Runes Spoken by gnomes
Goblin Many, usually tribal Hill Runes Spoken by goblinoids
Halfling Olyrian Spoken by halflings
Orc Many, usually tribal Hill Runes Spoken by orcs

Exotic Languages

Language Known Dialects Script Notes
Abyssal Scratch Spoken by demons
Celestial Angelic Spoken by celestials
Draconic Among dragons each color has its own dialect, other speakers usually have regional dialects Dragon Script Spoken by dragons and dragonborn
Deep Speech None None Spoken by mindflayers and beholders, deep speech has no known dialects or written form.
Infernal Scratch Spoken by devils
Primordial Auran, Aquan, Ignan, Terran Mountain Runes Spoken by elements
Sylvan Dayward, Twilight, Duskward Sylassian Spoken by creatures from the Fey
Undercommon Sylassian Spoken in the Underdark


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