Imperial Coin

The Kingdom of Koldarin and the Contested Lands use the imperial currency. This is the standard system as described in D&D source material.

The Imperial currency has five coins: the copper piece (cp), the silver piece (sp), the electrum piece (ep), the gold piece (gp), and the platinum piece (pp). The shape of each coin is not standardized but in order to be recognized the composition and weight must follow strict standards. Regardless of composition, fifty coins weight one pound.

This is the standard exchange rates:

Coin cp sp ep gp pp
Copper (cp) 1
Silver (sp) 10 1
Electrum (ep) 50 5 1
Gold (gp) 100 10 2 1
Platinum (pp) 1000 100 20 10 1

Valley Coin

Because the Fertile Valley is a collection of city-states with a weak oversight council it was decided to base their economy on an easily acquired commodity. They based their economy of the price of grain (i.e. a one pound coin will always be worth one pound of grain).

There are five different coins accepted in the Fertile Valley. The (copper) Pound (pd), the (silver) Stone (stn), the (gold) Quarter (qtr), the (gold) Hunney (hny, short for hundredweight), and the (platinum) Ton (ton).

Copper pounds are trapezoidal in shape. Silver stones are round. Quarters are triangular. Hunneys are square. Tons are oval.

This is the standard exchange rates:

Coin pnd stn qtr hny ton
Pound (pnd) 1
Stone (stn) 14 1
Quarter (qtr) 28 2 1
Hunney (hny) 112 8 4 1
Ton (ton) 2240 160 80 20 1


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