Fallen Empire

Letter to Toynbee 4-9-16


Commit the contents of this missive to your memory and then burn it. I’ve sent Penningbrandt on ahead to secure my wardrobe and other necessities for at least a fortnight’s travel. Be sure to include my “evening wear.” Also, we need to adjust some of the snaps and buckles along the right shoulder where the rope loops through. I made to jump down upon a street tough from a rooftop perch and quite nearly hanged myself. This simply will not do.

As I alluded to before, I’ll be taking “holiday,” in the country with some mercenaries in order to secure the interests of Ollister Greyfield. I don’t have to tell you that a wound to Master Greyfield’s reputation is a wound to my father’s, and that simply will not do. Also, it’s getting quite chilly. Do pack my winter coats. The sable, not the ermine.




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