Fallen Empire

Almost There ...

Lured in by a house on fire the party was jumped by a half-boar riding a triceratops.

As the pair burst out of the barn the rider suddenly grew to twice his size. The triceratops then charged forward into Hoenheim who deftfully dodged the attack with the help of a well placed shield spell.

Once the attack was underway four flying creates took to the skies raining spikes down upon the party. Malvo caught two of them in The Hunger and they quickly left the area of effect.

These creatures took positions around the battlefield and were a continuous thorn in the side of our heroes.

Learning from past experiences the party decided to concentrate their attacks on the rider and mount. The adventures were able to take down the triceratops only after Steph, Quinn and Mr. Shaw had fallen. The rider of the triceratops was able to revive his mount and then both of them departed to the West. The aerial monsters stayed around for another couple of rounds before heading West.

Mr. Shaw was alive but unconscious. Steph and Quinn lay near death. With the fate of their comrades uncertain the remaining party members made haste to Falsted where the townsfolk were happy to receive some supplies. With the help of Amia and Elba, the mayor’s twin daughters, both Steph and Quinn were able to recover.



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