Fallen Empire

A Hero's Journey

Another day, another adventure

The road to Ferrand was a long and solitary one, especially with Master Garrek’s pleas echoing in the back of my mind. As grateful as I am, and as much as I’ve learned from the old man, this is the path I have chosen. The path that picks up where he left off. It didn’t take long for me to realize I had made the right choice.

When I arrived in Ferrand, much to my surprise, most of the inns had closed for the evening and I was forced to take shelter in a wagon in the warehouse district. I awoke to the sounds of a man being threatened with robbery and murder. A disagreement between men isn’t something I normally get involved in but I could hardly sit idle after seeing that it was five on one.

I sprung in to action ready to help even the odds, but I wasn’t alone. Others joined me, and together we defeated the cowards. Unfortunately, two of them managed to escape including the wererat among them. I hope that one day we might meet again to settle our score. After speaking with the would be victim, he told us that he was not the only one in need and that several of his westbound caravans had encountered trouble on the road.

I could hardly let such cowardly actions continue after hearing his tale. My new companions agreed and tomorrow, we will set off to escort one of Mister Allister’s companions and get to the bottom of this dastardly plot.



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